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“We Treat You Better!”
Text/Call (501) 605-6935
or (855) 4-PLAN-MAN (855) 475-2662


Affordable Care Act Alternatives

No more penalty or
mandate opens great

The healthcare laws have
changed and now you can
take advantage of it. You
can change plans 365 days
a year without penalty.

Personalized Plans

Only choose the benefits
that fit your situation and

Why should I pay for
anything I don’t want to
have covered? Why
should I pay for maternity
when I am a male or over a
certain age etc? These are
real issues with most Americans.

True Provider Choice

See any doctor in the

The reported lie of the year
for 2013 was “If you like
your doctor you can keep
your doctor.” With our
plans you can actually see
ANY doctor in the United
States. Period!

3 Keyst

There are 3 main keys to
the proven best health
insurance experience.

Take advantage of the 3
keys to health insurance
savings that almost no
insurance plan offers.
1) True pricing for services (known as price transparency)
2) Powerful network that offers a discount off “fake” bills.
3) Insurance company pays a benefit to the client.

Huge Premium Savings Monthly

I cut premiums in half
quite often

Our clients save 30 to 50%
consistently on their
monthly premiums. If
someone has COBRA it is
often a much larger
savings than 50%! It is not
a benefit to save money on
health insurance and offer
poor quality healthcare.
We offer lower rates and
an open door to whatever
healthcare someone desires.

18 Years Experience as of 2021

Take advantage of my 18
years Health Insurance

I am an independent
agent that can represent
any company I wish. This
means finding the best
plan, the best fit for your
specific situation. I don’t
offer a one size fits all plan.
I also don’t share your
information with anyone. I
can be your one stop
guide. Be aware, almost
all other websites share
your information and you
can get calls for years.

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