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Ask Yourself Why

May 25, 2019

Why did a health provider charge $40,000 for an anti-
venom that costs $200?
Why does a $9,500 pacemaker get billed for over $100,000
many times?Why does a $50,000 hospital bill look more like $10,000 or
less in other places?Why does a steroid injection cost 75 cents but get billed for
$360?Why does a surgery cost less than $10,000 and the exact
same surgery is billed over $100,000 in other instances?Why do my health insurance premiums look like
a mortgage payment?Why do I pay so much a month for health insurance and
when I go to use it everything goes toward my deductible?Why do some people pay less than half for their health
insurance premiums than others do?Why does your health insurance company “fake bill” you
and cause you to ALWAYS pay your deductible and 20% etc
out of your pocket and our insurance often allows
people to pay little to nothing out of pocket?

Why do I still have the insurance I do if there are so much
better options available to me?

Why have I not called Pat to see what he can do for me?

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