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Why are your Medical Prices
so low?

April 30, 2019

Keith Smith of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma in
Oklahoma City is asked this question frequently. “The real
question should be why are everyone else’s prices so high,
says Keith?” That is what more and more smart Americans
are asking as they receive their healthcare. Why does
a hospital charge $95,000 for a pacemaker and another
provider $9,000? How about a $40,000 snake bite venom
that cost the hospital $200? I can go on and on. In
the contact section please email me and I will send
you a copy of my bill so you can see how it looks in
real scenarios when you have my insurance instead
of the broken, outrageous major medical system.
With my old plan under Obamacare, I would have paid
this entire bill out of my pocket. Why? Because
it would have all gone toward my deductible. So,
if you are tired of being taken advantage of and willing
to do something about it, call me. Hopefully
more of you will learn how great is is to ask why
everyone else’s prices are so high.

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