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It Should Anger You! Fake

July 8, 2019

We hear a lot today about “fake news.” One thing that is
fake that should infuriate you is the way medical services
are billed. Why does a hospital bill get hyper inflated and
sent to the insurance company as a ridiculous amount?
Because insurance companies and middle men split a ton
of money that is just fluff. Now don’t get me wrong. If you
have a major medical plan there is no fluff about it as to
how it relates to you. You pay that money to a certain
amount in the form of deductibles and copays. Not me
, not my clients. We get to take advantage of cutting out
the middle men and all those fake bills. So, what is the
answer? The only way to get past this rigged, FAKE system
is to get out of it. That is it! Period! If you want to
experience true pricing with a system that allows you to
control your healthcare choices and costs, you have to leave
the major medical system. That is your option but if you
don’t choose it you are going to feel the pain and anger
always until you do. Email, call or text me and I will show
you a better way.

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