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Health Insurance Does Not Equal Healthcare and Vice Versa

April 19, 2019

We constantly hear about healthcare in our country and
health insurance used interchangeably. That is not
accurate. Health insurance is not healthcare and
healthcare is not health insurance. There are countless lies
coming from the media about people losing healthcare. Healthcare
is what a provider offers. Health insurance is
what insurance companies offer. I know it might not be a
popular thought, but I agree with Andy Pudzer, the former
CEO of CKE Restaurants. He said, “people will be surprised
to find out how expensive health insurance is once it is
free.” I shout from the rooftops that I don’t want
government healthcare! I want not less government, but
NONE when it comes to our healthcare. There is nothing
our government ever has proven about managing my
money and I want them out of my health insurance
choices. No one can take away your access to healthcare.
Oh, wait, I stand corrected. The government can. Please
continue to stand for the free market when it comes to
healthcare and health insurance.

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